Is that natural thing to do for a girl?

I blocked my ex on fb. So couple months was kind of quiet. Now she started liking posts or pics of people that are our common friends. My point is i really spend much time with them and she's not. And she likes priticulary those people fotos or posts. We have like 22 friends in common. I know she's dating someone. But hey i don't think that is just accidently liking.


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  • You are jealous just admit it what? do you wanna make other people hate her? just grow up it's not a big deal -_- plus how did you know she is in Facebook when you did say you did block her? I don't know why you guys making from stupid thing a big deal your friends or not they are her friends too -_-

    • First it was just a question. And i want some geniune ansvers second : yes my friends is her friends but seems like she's picking on only our 2 best friends. And third : well i don't want our friends to hate her. We don't talk about her or me. Its kind a mature thing. And fourth: from where is this anger from u darling? Its just a question

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    • ;) forgiven

    • @Asker Thank you ^^

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  • its really no big deal because if she wanted to be back together or something she would of contacted you in other ways other than face book...

    • Well still weird that she's most active on my 2 best friends

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  • She is just liking her friends pics... just so happen they are your friends too.
    also, if ya block someone, you usually can't see what they like :/

    • I agree when is equal on everyones pics. But somehow its only those 2 taht im best friends with. Well i figure out accidently. When my friend comented on pic and it looked that she's talking with herself. Shows 6 comments and u can see only 3