How many here have tried the TINDER APP?

I tried it in January and i met a guy and we bonded right away, had sex on our third date, i dont think we planned on liking eachother, and he expected sex on first date i think, because he asked me back to his place, but i said no, and on second date i slept over but said no to sex, and third date we had sex and went on 5 dates and he told me he liked me. But unfortunatley he lived in another town and only came for work.
Now 8 months later we are still friends, he lives now 5 min away from me and we met like 4 weeks ago and had a great and fun time, no sex , we went on a an adventure and had a great time, so remaning as friends was a good thing.

Its sad because we had a lot in common and had such great time and i was mad at him but he told me he wasn't interested in anything serious because he doesn't have time, which i understand, he travels so much, he is going away for 3 months again soon. So having him as a friend is the best thing now, and if he still wants to stay in touch thats good right? he didn't just use me?

How did your tinder adventure work out?


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  • I met a beautiful, incredible girl on Tinder. She was intelligent, ambitious and witty. We went on dates, walked hand in hand, had amazing sex, spent nights together... she has a busy schedule, so we can't get together as often as I'd like. Things are/were going really well, I'm just frustrated that she doesn't seem to have much free time to spend together, and she also doesn't seem to like texting very much so we don't have any conversations during the week.

    My adventure isn't over yet, and it also proves that you can find good people for more than just a hook up on Tinder.

    • I had the same thing going on he had a busy schedual.. now we are friends..

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    • I suggest you just continue your everyday life and "move on" and soon she will contact you whne things are in "order" than you can decide what you want :) if she has no reason to "dislike" you than she will come back.. she is the problem, same as he was the one with problem in my situation

    • Sorry, I didn't intend to turn this into a discussion about my nascent relationship.

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  • I've had tinder since march. I got 4 matches and none of them went anywhere. I don't understand how tinder works for some but not others.


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  • I just met a guy on tinder and I like him a lot. We talk almost everyday but he lives about 2 hours away from me and i have a daughter so I can't just get up and drive up there and he works a lot so we still haven't met :/ I really like him though we always Snapchat and text and all that