GaGers! How and when do you define the relationship?

Alright GaGers, I need your advice!
When is it appropriate to define the relationship with the guy or girl you are seeing? And how do you do it? What do you guys really think about the talk?

Work your magic my friends haha!


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  • Depends, wouldn't you usually settle such things at the beginning. Like: hi, I like you, would like to go out with me?
    I'd say you should have a clear idea of the course things are taking before you have sex (for the first time).

    • Haha well yeah, I meant when should you establish that you are boyfriend/girlfriend? And how do you do it? Sorry that I was unclear! :)

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    • He told me that he wanted to bring his best friend and "like two other persons or something" to rent a cabin and go skiing this winter. Him, his best friend, my best friend and I all went to a doubledate a while back. He didn't flat out ask me but he brought it up a few times and hinted slightly, does that count?
      We have been dating for a month and I've met his family and friends, haven't had sex yet though.
      He told me he was mesmerized when he first saw me and fell for me completely after our first date. But one month is probably a bit too soon?

    • Too soon for what?
      Going out together? No.
      Love confessions? Maybe, really depends on how you both feel about each other. Just keep probing if you don't want to overreach, or try to be more direct and hope for the best.

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  • well from the start you should know what things are... you guys should ask each other from the start what they are looking for and want... because you dont want to wait 4 months down the line and find out all this time youve been thinking you guys are dating and he's just seeing you as a friend buddy type thing... i mean im not saying put serious labels on the relationship from the start.. but ask each other what the other wants and expects for the relationship to turn out to be...

  • Well you can just throw up in a relationship with them on Fb and see if they accept haha if they don't I guess it wasn't as serious as you thought. But I don't know really i think you will know. As you get older you don't really go all like soooo are we in a relationship or what it just is. If that makes sense.