When a guy calls you then asks if you missed him?

He called me for no apparent reason and when he asked if i missed him, (we met three days ago) i told him something like "no, why would i? i just saw you a few days ago" but my tone wasn't serious. I didn't want to show any signs that i'm starting to like him back yet because its only been two weeks. The thing is, he usually texts me everyday but after that phone call yesterday, he didn't text me the next day at all. He did tell me to hang out soon before he ended the call though. I was wondering whether it was because of my reply... like is he perhaps trying to make me miss him or something?


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  • He was starting to develop feelings for you, and you dismissed it. He's discouraged now and is less eager to talk to you in case you throw something else back in his face as well.

    You could have said "awww" or talked about when you'd be together again next and what your plans were.

    • im regretting not thinking properly before i answered him. does this mean he probably wouldn't contact me anymore and give up? and if he still doesn't contact me in the next few days, should i talk to him first and tell him i actually did miss him?

    • I wouldn't tell him you actually did miss him, that will be even more invalidating since you're not changing your story in a pretty transparent attempt to make him feel better. You meant what you said, but you shouldn't have actually said it.

      You should make plans to see him again, be nice to him, that way he can see that you do still like him and will get over it. You don't have to no should you need to walk on eggshells around someone, but at the same time a little more empathy would be good. Put yourself in his shoes.

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  • Ha ha the cold shoulder!!! He probably thinks you were serious, but he will respect you more in the end for not being so easy. The art of the chase


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  • Yeah, it would be and since you told him that you don't miss him, it makes him feel hurt (if he has feeling for you) Or he does not want to hang out soon yet. Wait for a few days to see if he calls or texts back.

    • oh man... probably shouldn't have said no then :-( if he still doesn't text or call in a few days, do you think he decided to move on or give up on me?

    • It's hard to tell because he can be busy, but if you still want to hang out with him, text or call him in a few days (if you don't hear from him) to see if he still wants to hang out.