Does he. have interest or is it all in my head?

Are these clues that he might have interest? Me and my trainer always make frequent eye contact. Either I’ll look up and we make eye contact or vise versa. Lately I been noticing how he stares at me and doesn’t break eye contact. Then yesterday I looked up and he was lookin at me so I smiled and he gave me this type of knod like sayin “what’s up” but still straight face (I looked away after he made that gesture). Then this one guy was makin me laugh and when I looked up my trainer was lookin at me serious and didn’t even smile so not sure if he didn’t like the fact me and this dude were flirting. Anyway, I don't know if it’s obvious he has a thing for me or not but those are just some of the highlights of what I experience every time I work out. Also, there are a lot of people in the class so he has more of a variety of other options to just “look” at. Also, he tends to help me out on his own before I do a work out.. like he’ll come and show me how to properly do it before I even start and I don’t even ask him to. Thanks in advance!


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  • Strange he didn't return your smile, not the best sign but maybe he's conflicted about maintaining a professional relationship.
    If you are interested, just smile at him whenever he looks at you. If that doesn't yield results it's probably a bad idea to keep trying.

  • This is tricky since he's your trainer and one would think he needs to look at you to see if you're doing things right.


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