Why is choosing a date/partner based on their race/ethnicity "racist" but choosing based on hair/eye color or bodytype is ok?

I was reading this discussion yesterday where people were talking about dating someone outside their race and it seems that whenever someone said they'd rather not do it, they were called racist. At the same time however liking people based on their hair, eyes, body type, height is considered totally normal.

Can anyone explain why some people seem to draw this between the two as I can't distinguish.

I personally wouldn't date someone outside my race as I want to have a lot in common with my date and if they're from a different ethnicity, they'll have a very different upbringing and cultural background to me. Plus I just find people of my own race the most attractive, just like how some people prefer tall/short/red haired or whatever features. However if I were to say that I would only date someone of my own race, I get called racist.

Anyone care to explain? What are your thoughts on the topic?


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  • We're supposed to love and accept everyone. Bullshit. Some races live up to their stereotypes.

    • No. Some people live up to the stereotypes given to your race they are grouped into. There are those in all race, ethnicities and cultures. Not all stereotypes are bad either. Some people just need to hate and seek justification for it... like a dope addict or alcoholic.

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  • I dont see anything wrong with wanting to date only within your race so long as your reasons aren't "I don't like people who aren't my ethnicity". If that's what you're attracted to, then that's what you're attracted to. Personally, I'm not USUALLY attracted to men within my own race, but there are exceptions. Women within my race, I am attracted to though. So it's really situational.

  • I think being attracted to particular races is a lot different than disliking the people in general. For instance, you don't want to date a black man, but your best girlfriend is black. In that case you are not racist at all.

  • Well, race and hair color distinctions are completely different. Slavery was racist.
    I'm not even sure I understand the question.

    • How are they different? Say you prefer certain physical features: why is choosing someone based on hair color different than skin color?

  • Because some people are stupid.

  • Racism: the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or race.

    Prejudice:preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience.

    Preference: a greater liking for one alternative over another or others

    It might not be racism necessarily, but it's definitely given people the "preference" to be prejudice.

    • Was gunna post this.

    • It's not being racist at all and certainly not racism. I don't even feel it's racially prejudiced. In my opinion it's preference simply and his freedom of choice ultimately. But oh how hate mongers would be so elated if they could hang the racist, racially prejudiced tags on this. But too bad. They can't. Because his preference and choice by themselves are not.

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  • Preferring your own race or finding them most attractive to you is not racist. It's preference. No more or less. "Racist" the latest word to be tossed about recklessly and irresponsibly and without support and substance. This is changing it's original meaning. To be a true racists you have to do more than just hate another or other races. You to do/be more than just racially prejudiced. You have to actually have the ability to oppress the advancement of those of another race effectively and truly believe that your race is superior to others and should rule others. Otherwise you're you're just racially prejudiced which me and you dislike or hate and PRE-judge strictly on race.