Asking a girl out despite never having a girlfriend before?

Hi everybody.

I really like this girl in my school called Amy. I want to ask her out on a date sometime before i finish school in May. Im in year 11 and she's in year 10. I've spoken to her a few times. I've never had a girlfriend so I've never been on a date and I'm sure she has. I'm really worried that when I ask her out she will say 'no' I have really low confidence in myself and that would put me down even more. Also I'm dreading that if she says yes and then doesn't even turn up! What do you think the best way to ask her out is? And when I take her to cinema for example, do I pay for bus tickets, movie tickets and food and drinks? Also, do I pick her up from her house or meet her there?

I think I'm not the best looking guy in the school but I look after myself and I'm very sporty!! Do I have a chance? Sorry if this all sounds abit gimpy!


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  • First, don't thing about getting rejected, because this will cause you to be actually rejected. Think positive
    Second, if you take classes together, try to offer help.
    Third, investigate/ask what she likes.
    Fourth, go for it. Unless you invite her, you'll never know.
    Fifth, rejection is part of life, and at least you tried.


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  • How well do you know her? If you talk to her on a regular basis, just sneak it in the conversation sometime. Say something like "Hey you want to go see a movie?" and see what she says.

    You might get rejected, but that's part of life, and learning. We're not perfect, but keep at it.