BOY TROUBLES!!! Crushing and I need advice?

There is this boy at school and I like him so much. I am not super pretty but in not ugly. I wanna talk to him and date him cause I think we would be a good match. I don't know how to initiate talking to him. He's always in my classes and I'll say little comments and stuff but that's it. I don't have his number but I follow him on Xbox and Instagram. What do I do because I wanna talk and text and I'm very shy and worried he won't like me. Please help!


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  • Does he know you follow him on xbox or instagram? Do you know his name?

    • I follow him on insta not Xbox that was spell check and yes he knows I follow him he follows me back and we know eachothers names

    • You have classes together, rightt? So after a test or something, just go up to him and ask him how he thinks he did on it.

  • I like a shy girl but have trouble. So walk up and talk to him give him your number on a note and whisper text me or call me later which eve you prefer. And walk off. Wear something sexy that day. It'll work.


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