Should I ask her again?

we were friends when i asked her out the first time, but she ended a long term relationship one month earlier and she told me she was not ready and stopped talking to me, she took it very badly (i really think that she liked me) now 3 month later i steel have feelings for her and i think she do too, i think she is trying to send me signals to talk to her again, maybe done want to but herself out and she want me to do it , but i am afraid to but myself out again and get rejected i'am still hurting from the first one and dont want to get hurt again.


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  • sometimes when I don't want to go out with a guy but I also don't want to offend him I tell him that I still think about my ex and i'm not ready for a new relationships now an so on...

    • hi lilan,
      thanks for your answer, the thing is i ma not sure what she want, if she dont want to do anything with me that is ok (i can't do anything about it) but why she keep giving me these looks it is hard to explain them but it is something for sure

    • well if you are sure that she have some feelings for you I think you should try again. Try to drop a hint about your feelings at first if you afraid to ask directly

    • thank you :)
      i think i want to do that but i just want someone to bush me for it :P

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