I don't know how to choose, I don't even know if it's going anywhere?

Okay I've been seeing guy 1 for about 6 months, we started just hanging and sleeping together, then it turned to going on dates and spending time doing things and not just sex. The thing is he just disappeared for over 3 weeks, I think I heard from him 2 or 3 times. Now he wants to see me again, I don't get it. Well I started see guy 2, I've been seeing him for about 2 months, I like them both but I don't know what gut 1 really wants. Guy 1 is in the medical field, he's sweet, thin, he loves to ride horses (my favorite thing to do) he's a biker and funny, I'm super comfortable with him, though I've known him for almost 5 yrs.
Guy 2 is a hard worker, owns his on business, construction/dirt work, he's down to earth, very handsome, a little hefty, super sweet.
Guy 1, randomly disappears, i wonder if he's lying about why he does such, I sometimes think he's just a smooth talker,
Guy 2, seems a little boring, tends to interrupt me, and seems like he doesn't really value our conversations.
Haven't had deep conversations with either, I'm a girl who has a hard time getting deep, i guess they do too. We haven't discussed what we want, guy 1 or 2. Guy 2 asks if I'm going to keep him around and that he likes me. Guy 1 never mentions any of it, just he wants to see me, when he wants to get together. I don't know what to do.. any advice? PA I have to sex sex with guy 1 is fantastic, but guy 2 is good, but he doesn't try to get some every time we see each other. And no, I haven't slept with guy 1 in about 3 months. And I've only been with guy 2 3 times, I'm currently not sleeping with either and never slept with both of them at the same time, like 1 wed, and 2 friday, i just figured guy 1 had moved on or something and out of the blue he gets up with me and I had already began to see guy 2 by then.


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  • You need to stick with guy 2 give him a chance guy 1 is a player guy 2 is loyal honest loves you truly and wants you. So talk to guy 2 about something you want (ex. Kids, marriage, vacation.) Girl stuff. Hope this goes well.


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