Does the honest truth ever work? (ladies)

Has a guy you broke up with, who was trying to date you, or were about to break up with being 100% honest about his feelings ever got you to like him. I have heard so many women over the years say that little bit of advice to me and others. But in my own experience and that of people around me it 90% of the time it just comes off as needy and annoying no matter what they say. I was just curious I tend to be the hopeless romantic type so I get myself into trouble often saying I care lol :P


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  • Yes! I definitely does work. The guy I currently like is really honest with me and it makes me want to open up to him too. I fell for him because he's caring, nice, abd he's really open to new ideas and he's smart... I wish I was as open with him like he is with me. He doesn't even know how much I care about him. So yess, honesty works :)

    • Good to hear, not exactly what I meant but still good to hear. I was mostly talking about tipping point situations where the girl could just as easily walk away. But its still really nice to hear someone say they enjoy honest nice people.

    • Oh well at tipping points is different. If she's about to walk away, depending on the girl, her mind might already be made up. But if it's a misunderstanding honesty definitely works there too.

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  • This is the way in which it works: you don't waste your time and girls don't waste their time with you. If you're completely honest, they know right then and there if you're the right kind of guy for them or not. The goal of the honest truth isn't to get something out of it; if you're saying it to serve your interests in one way or another then it immediately becomes dishonest. So that's the problem with a lot of people, especially in desperate situations like breakups, they think they're being open about their true feelings but really they're just freely voicing their emotional reactions to being hurt, feeling rejected and alone, etc, and it becomes nothing but an unfair burden for the other person; hence it being needy and annoying.

    • not always in desperate situations though. I have talked with many girls who had a guy say he liked them. Many times with something as simple as " i like you and we hangout alone all the time lets step this up" and the girl flips out and calls him clingy. Its so hard sitting their talking through my teeth to my female friends when they act like that. I get that in that situation the person just doesn't like the other but it is just seems like the one who got asked overreacts every now and then instead of just saying no. Or worse they say I would of said yes but his message just turn me off.

    • Well there's different ways to say anything, even if it's the truth. Maybe they're saying it in a way that's just annoying and clingy, it's possible. They're the problem in this case and not really what they're saying. Either way, like I said, with everything laid out on the table there's no wasted time. Even if the girl overreacts and makes you feel bad about yourself, you both know where you stand with each other; most people just pretend to be a certain way and then months or a year into the relationship the facade can't be sustained and everything falls apart and everybody wasted time effort and energy into something fake.

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