Do guys change their mind about a girl?

Do guys change their mind if they decided that they don´t want to date certain girl anymore?

I´m talking about a situation when there was an initial attraction, they met 3 times, but right at the beginning they had some misunderstandings and guy disappeared.

Can man change his mind and start such girl again or if they close some doors they don´t open them anymore? Did this happen to you before?

For example - in case if a girl that was acting in a neurotic way (she had reasons) starts to be more easygoing and relaxed. Would this be a reason to consider her again?


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  • Yes, some guys can. Part of the reason is they don't know themselves yet and what they want.


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  • Yes it can happen especially if the misunderstanding is cleared, girl got hotter or change in personality (shy to social). Guys also start to develop feelings for a girl after they find out that the girl likes them ( but not confessing).. like caught her staring or acting nervous

    • why confessing is not a good idea? he also told me he likes me before

    • It's not a good idea if it's been a while.. his feelings could have changed.. he could have changed.. his prefrences could have changed. ..

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