My BF of 8 months doesn't like making plans in advance- How do I get him to change his behavior or at least compromise?

Just some background- my BF and I are in our mid 20s. Around the 3 months mark of dating he switched jobs and started working a lot more. He would work until 10 PM at night and on the weekends. Due to his crazy work schedule I became flexible with my availability- he go into he habit of not making plans with me until the last minute. On rare occasions we would have plans if i instigated them. Now he is working less but his habit of not making plans is still happening. I have told him that I like to make plans in advance but he doesn't change his behavior. I know that I need to be less available and I hope it will get better. I am really upset and his failure to make plans until the last minute makes me feel like I am not a priority in his life.


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  • I would stay in it because its worth it and if he makes you happy and hun a lot of girls go threw this and a lot of guys do this its normal he's with you and happy with you at the end of the day so thats all that matters is that his loyalty and love remains toward you in no one else he could be trying to get as much time to himself due to the switch from long hours to short hours just give him time to adapt and space in the end it will be worth it all