Does it sound like he wants to get to know me and/or date me?

So i joined a online dating site. Its not like a normal dating site, but site where you can exchange company for gift or/and money. I was curious so i wanted to check it out, but after i got a message i found out that this wasn't anything for me so i tried to delete my account, but i have to have it for like 10 days before i could deactivate it. Anyway, i answered the one guy saying i didn't really know what i was doing, but thanks for messaging me etc. So he answered that it would be cool to get to know me, since we live se near each other, and that i should send him a message if or when i have decided what i want out of it.
Does it sound like he wants to get to know me and/or date me? And should i go on a date with him, so that i could get to know him? or do you think he won't be up for it because i wants a women that knows what she wants?


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  • He wants to screw you, then pay you & nothing more. That's why he's there. Those guys don't give a damn about wanting to actually get to know you as a person, they probably have a wife or GF & the rest are weirdo's

    If you're looking to be a glorified hooker then go for it, but be careful because there are a lot of creeps on them sites..


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  • First of all, that website you're talking about sounds like a escort website were whores and call girls put up ads to meet customers. You can't take him serious if that's where you met him.

    • its actually a site for people wanting to have a sugarbaby or wanting to be one. Yeah, thats kinda what i want, or at least that what i think i want (thats why i sendt him the message). You can call it what you want... what do you mean by taking him "seriously"? do you mean dont belive anything he says?

    • Obviously you're on a site where men got cash and wants sex. He probably wants to know what do you want in exchange for sex. Like an iphone, ferrari or a gucci bag etc. Lol.

      Why so serious? The guy probably have a wife at home taking care of his kids, and he is looking for some fresh meat.

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  • be cautions especally if its online if you want to date make it a group date in a public place

    • I don't know if i want it to be a group date, but it's definitely going to be at a public place.

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