I have a coldsore and a date?

This will be date number 4 we see each other all the time and talk every other to every day but I got a coldsore, it's drying out and getting there but the dry phase is the gross phase...
I don't want to cancel. But I also like this guy...

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  • Just be honest with him. He'll laugh it off. He'll probably so glad you told him how you truly felt.
    Trust will flourish even more.

    • Ok! So I should give him the option of postponing or going for it then?

    • Yea be honest with him. I'm sure he would do the same if he were in your position. Open & transparency goes a long way in a relationship.

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  • Honestly I get a little embarrassed by those things so I would postpone it and I would make up an excuse until it's gone. If he wants to see you he will wait and be thankful for the time he is spending with you