How can I keep the feelings from the other side of the world?

Me and my ex have had an on & off relationship for the past year since breaking up last year for no other reason but going long distance in the uni break.

The last month we have had THE BEST time and have developed strong feeling for each other again. He is the love of my life. Unfortunately, timing sucks and i'm heading to the UK for the next uni break for 3 months.

We had a massive talk last night and although we have feelings for each other, logically there is no point being in a relationship while i'm away. I know he will sleep with other people because he has needs, but i would really like to keep some of the feelings there and hopefully when i'm back then we can be together or at least not have totally gone backwards.

How can i do this from the other side of the world?


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  • You can keep the feelings but it will only hurt you. Holding on to him when he's moving on and sleeping with other girls will hurt your feelings no matter how far away you are. You should just let him go, live your life and if you guys end up together then it's meant to be. If not then you will have moved on and you won't be holding on to some false hope.

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