How to start and hold a good conversation?

Ok so there's a guy.. he likes me and I kinda like him, not like super much but enough to give him a chance. He is super shy and won't talk to me so I want to approach him. I only have tomorrow and the day after!! Then we go on semester break and I want to text him over the break. So help!!!
*im shy too /:*


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  • Just go up and start talking, a little a time.

    And when you get his number for the break, TALK to him. Don't just text him. Talking to him on the phone will help in real life.

    • How do I ask for his number though?

    • Easy, you just ask. :) Maybe before you leave you can say "Oh by the way, can I get your number?" and that's all there is to it.

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  • I like women that always want to break steryotypes... because its hella funny... reason being is that they talk about breaking those old traditions but never want to break a real tradition... MAKING THE 1ST Move... If you make the 1st move... you the MVP... idc what football has to say about it ;)

    • lol well I do kinda want to break stereotypes here. he's a shy football player who is attractive and I'm a I'm a shy girl who is kinda nerdy according to some lol. But yah so I don't know what to say?

  • Ok, well, as with any conversation, you hafta see what you two have in common. I mean, really, if you don't have anything in common in life, a long-distance thing isn't going to work anyway.
    Ask questions. Find out if he even wants to text or continue conversations with you.
    Does he ride a bike?
    observing him helps.
    And of course, taking the first steps towards him helps.


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