We hit it off great and now she's not ready for romance?

We met 4 years ago when we both had a horrible bf/gf who treated us like ****. I'm 23 now she's 21. After we became single, we drunkenly made out at a party one night but we never really talked about it and she ended up getting back with her ex for an additional 6 months. Then last month we "tindered". A dating app where when 2 people "like" eachother, you get an alert and can message them. She messaged me first and we ended up talking for 2 hours about a silly hypothetical situation where we got married and we kept stating things we enjoyed or wanted out of life and we agreed on almost everything... so I ask her to dinner. I whole heartedly believe in chivalry and not being a cocky entitled asshole. So I meet her at a nice Mexican place because we both love that type of food. And we converse and drink and have a merry old time for sure. I walked her to her car and we had a nice kiss that I wasn't even expecting. I was gleaming with joy after this date. I waited a couple days and then contacted her for another date. She happily said yes. So I bought tickets to a comedy show down at Hard Rock Casino.
This time I picked her up in my car, and after saying our hellos, I told her where I was taking her and she thought it was an awesome idea and she immediately was smiling. So after the show, she gives me a kiss and we walk around holding hands/hips, we gambled for the first time, and really connected. So I take her home and before I'm even parked, she was out of her seatbelt ready to kiss me. We kissed for about 30 awesome seconds and I said " I'll take you out again next week?" And she smiled huge, said yes and left. So when the day comes she cancels on me saying she forgot it was her aunts birthday. So we reschedule... and then a few hours before the date she messages me "I know I really suck and you're gonna hate me but I don't think I'm interested in anything romantic right now... but I really like you so if you want to still hang out as friend I'm completely down.

How should I proceed with this? I don't want to come off overbearing nor do I want let her go.


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  • Let the girl call it what ever she likes and just go about your business as normal. I'd say sure, then continue to treat it as a date.