So, does she like me?

So, there's this girl i like, a grade younger than me, and we have been becoming good friend over the past month. She gets kinda shy around me, it seems, because usually she is lightly flirting with a few of her other guy-friends, but around me, she is more quiet, and generally tells me random things about me. Every time i see her she has a random new story. a few weeks ago, we were talking and walking after class, and this kid comes up and hugs her, and when i asked who he was, later, she started stuttering and finally got out that he was kind-of her unofficial boyfriend. The next day, she broke things off with him, and told me, saying "you probably dont really care, but... i broke up with him earlier." (or somthing along those lines) she kept repeating that throughout the rest of the conversation: "You probably dont really care..."
So, am i right? Does she probably like me? Or am i just seeing this all wrong? Thanks


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  • ya i think she does like you, bringing up the topic about breaking up with her boyfriend. and getting nervous around you is a sign she likes u


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