What's your opinion of being 'clingy'?

I never liked constant messaging/ phoning because I think it is tiring and a waste of time. I do try to be as responsive as I can. She constantly text me through whatsapp everyday and wanted me to chat with her, she then gets upset whenever I reply in the evening or before bed time (which I always do).

The chat logs were literally like:
- Morning, babe <3
- I miss you and want you to be with me now (always)
- Why do you ignore me
- When can we go out again?

... You get the idea...
Anyhow, last Sunday we went out together and it all turned out fine. The day before yesterday, she sent a wall of text in the afternoon.

- Don't talk to me
- I'm trying to control myself
- Why do you ignore me? :(

After going out the whole day, I was tired when I came back that night and did not reply to her. Instead, I text her back in the morning. Last night, she then sent a drawing of a person waving his hand and I asked her what is that and she replied

She said:
"Waving hands"

I said:
"Its been a while since I last sketched"
"I received your message by the way but was too tired to reply back, I'm sorry."
"Did you need something? :o"

She said:
"Yeah... I need you. But thats fine. You only reply to me in night time. Seems like I'm not that important to you. You never take the initiative to send message, never call me... Am I really that annoying? If so then tell me and I won't bother you anymore. Ok time to sleep. Goodnight.

I said:
"Since when did I say you are annoying?"
"You are over thinking again."
"I always text with a purpose"
"I got other stuff to do as well so sorry if I did not reply immediately"

She said:
"Ok whatever I'm going to delete whatsapp"

I then said:
"So you are doing this just to vent your rage?"
"Ok then fine, go ahead. Its not like I have the power to judge you or anything"

After that she stopped replying.
Honestly I want to end the relationship, I had ENOUGH with dramas. What do you guys think?

From what I can tell, she is a shy, passive airhead. She never really was lively and is always quiet in public. But she turns crazy once we are alone. She especially likes to snuggle when we are watching TV/movie together.


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  • She sounds clingy, and overly dramatic, like the type of person that makes a big deal out of crap.
    People like that exhaust me and I always end up ignoring them, which of course just makes them more upset, but whatever. I don't have time to appease somebody like that.

    • I'm thinking of giving her the silent treatment as you suggested. Whenever she starts shit like this, it always gets on my nerves.

    • Oh no, I wasn't suggesting the silent treatment and didn't mean for it to sound like I was. Let me try to clarify.

      I was simply stating that it's difficult for me to put up with people like that. No way would I ever be in a relationship with a clingy person. As stated, I don't have time to appease someone like that. If I were in a relationship with a clingy person, all that would result in would be me ignoring them, which wouldn't fix anything, so it thus would make no sense for me to even be in the relationship with that person. I can deal with a clingy acquaintance, but a relationship is more serious.

      Unless you're willing to deal with that part of her personality, there's no point in continuing the relationship. A silent treatment or ignoring her is not going to change her. All it's going to do is make her upset.

    • Sorry for misunderstanding your comment. Oh well, I guess all thats left is to either end the relationship or continue on.

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  • If she's clingy now, I doubt it would get better if you were in a relationship. She seems like one of those overly attached jealous girlfriends. And even if she only means it well, people like that can be quite the pain in the ass. For me, being clingy is a dealbreaker.

    • I'm still thinking whether I should give her a chance or not. Meh, tough decision.

  • She sounds like she might be overdramatic but it may be because she really likes you and its her way of showing it. While people have their pros they also have cons and her con might be that she's clingy but at the end of the day is she a good lover? Thats all that matters.

    • Yeah but there is always a boundary of being 'clingy'. I have no problem with it, its just that whenever she starts drama it causes relation strains.

    • When she starts drama or at least what i notice, is that she is desperately trying to be in your thoughts all the time and she is also trying to make herself a victim so that you can feel sorry for her and be like "im sorry" its a form of control really for some people they're not even aware they're doing it! But I notice that she starts doing this whenever she isn't getting her way and making you give in, I used to be this way because I felt empty, her reasons may be different but that's my best guess. talk to her about it.

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