Dating a guy that lives with his ex he say he's moving out should I believe him?

I started dating this guy back in may. first we were just friends I was pregnant at the time (my child's father was abusive during my pregnancy so I left him) he would come and check on me and make sure I had all I needed. When I went into labor he came to the hospital he was in the room the whole time. After my son was born he started do even more for me giving money and gifts. I didn't realize he liked me until one night after getting something to eat, he kissed me. I was hesitant at first but went ahead and crossed that line with him. We had sex, the second time we did it he told me he love me. I tried to pretend like I didn't hear him but he kept saying it until I responded back. Him and I talk on the phone everyday and we have a great time together. He has even brought his kids around me and he want our daughters play together. The only thing is he still lives with his kids mom. He says they are no longer together and he's just waiting to buy a house and then he will move out. I'm already starting to get tired of the situation. I don't doubt his story his kids even talked about him moving out. I just don't know how long I can take it. Okay so guys my question to you... wtf I really need some insight on this whole I still live with my ex situation. Thanks


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  • In this day and age it's completely plausible that he is waiting for somewhere to live and still lives with the current girlfriend or wife or whatever. I have friends in this current situation. They alway say dating is too hard. Maybe cool it until the situation is easier. But when kids are involved there Is always less time for dating. it sounds like your not as in to this relationship as he is. If you have reservations you should talk to him about them. Maybe talk about taking it slow until you better figure out your life and what time you can afford to dedicate to an already stressful dating situation. But basically if your not feeling it... Don't force it. Dating should still be fun, not a job. You won't win any prizes for it but perhaps you really need someone with less complications? Nothing wrong with admitting that

    • Thanks Schnikies, and for the record I am into him just not the situation. It's not comfortable for me at all.

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