Would you forgive someone who acted badly because they had depression?

I liked this guy months back. He ended it with me when I had a relapse and I was really mean to him. I didn't give him the space he asked for and I would get angry when he would ignore me. I went for help and I feel a lot better. I want to apologize to him but I don't think he will accept my apology. I pushed him away because of my depression and whenever I run into him I think of how ugly I got. What should I do?


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  • Well... You won't know until you get the chance to talk to him about it. But If he won't give you the time for that you can't force it on someone. Some people will just not understand how important a decent sense of closure can be even if it's negative. Also some people will not have the maturity to want to help you. Just the way of things. But you will survive either way.

    And kudos on getting through the rough patch and seeking help when you needed it

    • Thanks! I tried to talk to him and he ignored me. I found out he's dating my friend now though. Life sucks

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  • Yes. I can't say if I'm using my own personal experiences as a bias, but I do understand how irrational and blind you can be at times of emotional distress. I do hope to be forgiven myself at times.

    • Thanks! I wish more people were more understanding.

    • You re welcome, your thoughts aren't alone =P

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