Crushing on a coworker, how should I proceed?

Let me first start off by saying I am terrible at reading people, especially if I want to know if the girl is interested in me.

So I met this girl at work, we work in different departments and even different offices. They aren't too far apart from each other. I occasionally do go to the office she's in and almost every time I go there, near the end of the work day we'd end up chatting (just me and her) for over an hour. Staying way past normal office hours. The more I talk to her, the more interesting she becomes. Like we both have a lot in common.

We already shared each other's mobile number and have been texting occasionally. We've gone to lunch a couple times. The first time it was just me and her. We've also gone to dinner a couple of times. Both times it was just me and her.

And we would talk for a good long while even after we finished eating. All this occurred within a span of maybe 3 weeks since I gathered the courage to actually strike up a conversation during work.

The closest we've ever gotten in terms of physical contact would a hug goodbye after dinner and dropping her back to her car.

Now I don't know if she's just being friendly or if there might be a chance that she's interested in me. What are some signs I should be looking for on whether she's interested in me or not?


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  • Dude I feel like you should have gone for a kiss after making her dinner.

    But if you must know look into her eyes, See how strong the eye contact she is giving you is. Are her pupils dilated when she is looking at you? Those are some signs.

    • I felt like I should have done something also, but I wasn't sure if the mood was right. I'm still not sure. I will try your suggestion if I get another chance.