Is it funny when chicks hit guys in the groin and deserved because they are vile males?

I am a man myself and am unsure if it's fair. But then again life isn't fair. I guess we are just lucky women aren't physically stronger than us or us men would be in a lot of pain all the time.
Look at a woman the wrong way and they think you deserve to be hung by your balls. Women are pretty rash in their ideas of justice. Scary.

I know I shouldn't be complaining about this and rather just accept it like a man though like the rest do. Maybe us men are all evil and useless like the feminists say and we deserve to be treated badly.

Also he didn't just do a kissing gesture but also touched her around her waist so maybe he did deserve that. I don't know. I know the girls on here will say he deserved worse and maybe he did. What do you guys think.
I notice a lot of movies are like this. What it seems to be suggesting is that leave women alone (don't even flirt) if you want to keep your groin safe and not be humiliated. I admit I am scared to approach women, don't think these movies help.


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  • Tl;dr

    It's funny when anyone hits a dude in the groin for any reason.

    • Are you 14, I am guessing that from your name. Sadly I notice this also in many men. It's not only women that think it's funny but juvenile men think it's funny.
      For me personally if I saw say my dad get hit in the groin I would be worried instead of think it's funny, maybe because I am smart enough to have a bit of empathy.

      Then again I should probably stop caring what others think. Most people in the world would probably laugh while some women exploded by testicles in a vice. All that matters is if I can find one woman who is nice and the rest of the world can go get fked and die for all I care.

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    • I am not saying you have to defend anyone. But laughing and thinking it's funny is pretty fked up. I mean if two guys are fighting and punching each other in the face I probably wouldn't step in there either but again I wouldn't think it's funny and be laughing when I saw a dude receive a painful hit to the face or something. That's just totally fked up. Maybe you have a low IQ and no concept of empathy. People like you can't understand something until it happens to yourself.

    • Two people fighting is amusing. Hell there's several sports centered around it. As for your shot about low IQ you assume too much. I graduated with honors from undergraduate university as well as graduate school.

      Perhaps you are just overly emotional? Probably physically weak as well. I smell someone who was picked on as a child.

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  • I have never kicked a guy in the balls and I never would unless it was a self-defense situation. I don't find it amusing. I'm an adult with self-control, I don't resort to violence just because I'm irritated.

    • Well good to know. You are smarter than "rjroy3" who would laugh at you if you got hurt in the groin.
      I wouldn't laugh though and there are men just like me who have understanding.

  • Are we supposed to watch that long movie?
    I kicked a guy in the balls once when I was little because he humped me. Then he cried,
    Then I cried cause he was crying and I felt so bad, lol.
    I guess it depends on the situation.
    This guy thought he was hot shit and kept grabbing my best friend.
    Then he kept slapping her in face, then he came up and slapped her hard in the face and she got pissed, kicked him in his balls, and cussed him out. Then all the guys starting cheering and gave her high fives and shit.
    I can't say when/if I'd do it, but I know he'd have to have gotten really physical with me and pissed me off

    • He sounds like he deserved it that guy that was slapping those women repeatedly. But cheering and giving high fives in my opinion is still wrong. That's the way I see it. Same as I wouldn't be the sort of person that went to a hanging and cheered and got excited over it. If they deserve the hanging then fine. But I am not going to cheer about it. To me that just seems very wrong.
      This goes for a dude getting hit in the groin also. If he was hitting the woman and she kicked him there I would agree with it but wouldn't cheer about it because I still have empathy.

    • Ah, it wasn't women. It was the same one girl every time. The guys were cheering and giving her high fives because they've been watching him do it for a while and were happy she did something effective about it.
      Also I wouldn't compare getting kicked in the balls to death.. two completely different things, but I understand where your coming from.

  • I've hit a man in his region once, it was an accident during sparring, and instantly felt bad for what I did

    • I don't count that as bad. If it was an accident and you felt bad. lol. Sounds like you are a good person.

  • Not funny at all! Violence is any form to express your feelings is just plain wrong.

  • lol Im not gonna watch an 1:33 hour Chinese movie.. But from the headline, no that is not okay. Girls should just stay away from that area, if they are gonna touch it with their boots, and not their vaginas..

    • The movie is from Thailand I think. Also I remember reading that in Thailand it has the highest cases of women cutting their men's penises off for things like cheating on them or lying to them. Do you women think that is alright? Are males just disposable useless pieces of meat (not even looked at as people) to women.

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    • It's not about men vs women. Just because stupid religious men in 3rd world countries treat women like second class citizens doesn't mean you women have to try to equalize that by hating us men that actually treat women better.

    • I read this as you whining about being a man, because women are evil.

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  • Your a cup cake, obviously not an (A) type personality. Your actually probably the reason why feminists got this idea of them being superior to men because they used u as an example. and no any time i see a man getting kicked in the balls i don't think about how he could have deserved it, I just cringe. and if a women ever kicked me in the nuts, oh i would give her the biggest noogy or worst knuckles digging and rubbing into that bitches rib cage she has ever felt.

    • I don't believe that they deserve it. I just go along and say that because everyone else thinks that. If I whined on here about it too much people would call me some misogynist or something.

    • Like i said not am (A) type personality, look even a chick liked what i said. not all women are idiots and believe men should get kicked in the nuts. Also this is a site where your true opinion is what its about. Don't write some shit because u think everyone else would be upset. Your on the internet.

    • I agree with you. One dude disliked your thing. Probably that "rjroy3" loser that thinks women getting hit in the groin is funny also. Sigh. At least guys like you exist that are reasonably and have more understanding.

  • It can be funny.
    It can also be funny when a girl gets kicked in the crotch too. Just fewer circumstances.

    • I don't think it's funny when a girl gets hit in the crotch. What's with you people? Then again I have read that people below a certain IQ have a very poor ability of empathy and putting themselves in others shoes and understanding. So this might explain it.

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    • One day when you can think straight and something bad happens to you and people laugh at you I hope you at least understand what's happening. Then again maybe it would just go over your head again. You would probably think "oh because myself and someone else are totally comparable" lol

    • You stick to your guns boys!

  • Don't worry about this crap only a few men and women condone this behavior.

    • Seems most women condone it. Oh well, I shouldn't be butthurt I guess. People will be what they will be and me getting annoyed by it won't change them.

  • I'm not gonna watch an hour and a half long YouTube video