How do I let him know im interested without coming off as too clingy or desperate?

There's this guy like and I think he likes me too so I'm gonna try to approach him and maybe see where things go. I tried waiting for him to approach me but I think he might think I'm not interested or be a bit shy. I feel like we'll really hit it off so how can I approached him and let him know I like him and have nice conversation with him without coming off as too eager? I want him to know I like him but I so want to play hard to get a little bit as well. Does it turn guy off or make him distant when a girl is too eager? What should I do?

Also, how do I start up a conversation with him. I've tried "hey" but thats just a greeting and doesn't really mean much to us and it's not exactly a conversation starter. How should I approach him? What should I say?


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  • Just be yourself and walk up and start talking to him. I get a lot of nervous women fumbling over their words hinting towards me for a date. I always appreciate honesty and being direct and all of my guy friends do as well. Just flat out tell him you are interested in talking with him again and seeing him again. Then let him make the next move and you can play hard to get.


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  • Yeah, I have a similar situation. There's this beautiful, genuine, and nice girl that I adore. We've been on one date and it went really well. The thing is, she's hard to talk to, she's apprehensive and shy, but we get along great... I think.

    The thing is I'm always engaging the conversations, always leading and I'm afraid she's feeling forced and just going with it. I psych myself out on these things, second guessing myself.

    She doesn't text me and that puts me off thinking maybe she's not interested. I think of this even though I know I could text her right now, ask her out, and she'd say yes, but I don't. I put it off and I don't really get why, I guess I got reasons. School and worries, I'm shy too I guess.

    It was the same when I first asked for her number. It took me FOREVER to eventually ask her even though I knew she liked me. People are weird._.

    Stop waiting, waiting is letting ourselves stay in our comfort zone, gtfo of that shit and go talk to the dummy =P Take the advice I don't take from myself lol. It's the right advice, we just gotta follow through with it.

    • Also, try "Hey, how are you" wait for retort, "how was your weekend?"

      Conversations work better if you go into them without a plan. So next time you see him, BAM, go say hi, ask how his weekend was.

  • Its a turn off if a girl is too hard to get. Coming off as eager will only be a negative if you bother him constantly or bug him every minute. Showing interest in him and giving more attention towards him might bring more opportunities to make moves on you


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  • Just go for it talk to him you dont have anything to loose (: just have a normal conversation & take it from there