Is he playing games with me? Do I choose A or B pathways?

My ex resurfaced in my life like hell. As much as I loved him and had to suffer being away from him, as much as I now hate him for coming back to mess my life up.

We broke up few months ago, and he would drop a text here and there. Now he asked if I can see him and he holds my hand all the time and caresses my back and plays with my hair etc... he texts sometimes like I miss your hugs... but HE DOES NOT SAY STRAIGHT HE WANTS ME BACK.


IS he:
A. playing with my emotions because he is nuts
B. He wants me to take the initiative and do something?


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  • I think he wants you back

    • I think so but I say to myself: what makes him appear too hard to get? For instance, he still texts every few days only even after seeing him.
      Like if he wants me why he doesn't text or call more often. I text him sometimes too without being pushy.

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  • Well there is a chance that he is playing with you but to me it sounds like he was reading one of those get your ex back articles and guides. :P