We had 2 amazing dates and then she cancels the 3rd because she's not ready for romance?

This girl and I had a small thing 2 years ago and now it rekindled last month. But it hit me hard this time, I took her on 2 dates that went great, we had a great time and we kissed at the end of the first and made out at the end of the second. I seriously am falling for this girl and i know she was really into me as well. Great music taste, smart and so modest for being so beautiful.
A few hours before the third date she texts me saying "I know I really suck and you're gonna hate me but I don't think I'm interested in anything romantic right now... but I really like you... so if you still want to hang out as friends or something I'm completely down"
I politely responded that I was disheartened but understood. She never responded.

How should I proceed with this? This is the first girl In 4 years I knew I wanted to be with almost immediately. I don't want to come off overbearing nor do I want to just let her go.


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  • Move on. You've tried twice and she's not interested. The fact she told you by TEXT was certainly a bitch move

  • you should of said "heck yeah lets hang out, its no big deal it happens. " It sounds like you like her and she likes you she is just scared. So the best way to fix that is to spend time with her.

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