Help! My guy doesn't reply my message and I am not sure is he serious with me anot? But he still asked me out?

I admire this guy a lot his cute, and he likes me and interested with me so as I. But honestly this is the first time a guy date with me one day in one month. I know it's funny and kinda wired right? He told me to make myself busy cause he had a very busy job workin as a software engineering 9hrs a week. We dated 2 times and he didn't reply my text at all, he told me his busy when I date wif him on the 2nd date, I kw his shy and nervous guy he didn't talk so much to me and I didn't get to know him that well. If he is so serious finding girlfriend and settle down for himself that's what type in dating site profile? He knew me first from there.. Why his not taking that serious to get to know me and talking to me? He kept say busy😐.. I want him pls dun say look for other guys. His abit nerdy type of guy I don't know he had experience to Hv a gf before? Not sure. He did kiss me and hug me but didn't hold my hand in public. I also don't know why? Can u pls help me.. I just think I felt in luv with him cause I miss him and it's sad that he didn't reply my message even he read it :( but I knew he will text me coming this month to hungout with me.

First date he told me in text say I'm nice n hot.. He didn't compliment my looks not thing.


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  • I say keep yourself busy. Try not to text him. I know its hard but try not to text. Let him text or call you. Try not to make yourself too available but available enough. Go out with friends or go to work. Keep active. Activity always keeps you from bordom which keeps you from looking needy to a guy.