Why did she reject me? And how is she feeling now?

There is a cute girl in my university that kept checking me out whenever she thinks i am not looking. I notice her from the corner of my eye or sometimes i turn around and caught her looking at me. I even noticed her friend giving me gazes from distance while she was talking to her. I had a feeling that this girl liked me so one day before class, i decided to do something about it and see if she really does like me and kept staring at her while she was one meter away from me. She then turned toward me and strongly kept looking at me in the eyes for about more than 10 seconds. It was an awkward moment so i kept turning my head away and then turning it back to see if she is still staring and then i turn it away an then back again and the girl is still there staring at me with her eyes wide open. I felt like i should have said hi but didn't say a word and then she came so close to me leaning her body toward me. It was a very warm and obvious sign she wanted me to talk to her. I never had the intention to talk to her and simply was trying to see how she responds. She seemed strong and so sure of herself but all i did was ignoring her, walking away and acting as if nothing happened. Months later , i approached her while she was with her friend, said hi and asked her if she had nothing to do at the moment. She had a weird look into her eyes. She said no. so i asked her if she could come with me so i can talk to her on her own. Obviously she was surprised and said : no i don't know you i can't go with you. I persisted and told her i had something to tell her so she laughed out with her friend and then decided to come with me. And while walking , she suddenly stopped and coldly asked me what i wanted from her. i told her let's go and sit somewhere and she declined while straight looking at me in the eyes. i said : you sure? and she said yes so i told her i am sorry and left her alone with a smile in my face. I think i screwed up there and totally creeped her out.


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  • Because you came on too strong. Your first time ever speaking to her and you say "Hey, can I, (a total stranger) pull you away from your friends' conversation and have you come walk with me, just YOU?" Then she asks what do you want and you say "Let's go sit somewhere" again, trying to isolate her. That comes across as very clingy.

    You should have just tried to join in the conversation with them for a minute or two and then say something like "It was nice talking to you. See you soon!" and move on.

    Will you get her back? I doubt it. You could TRY going back up to her, even if her friends are around and apologize for your behavior. You could say "Look, I'm really sorry I came across as creepy to you and your friends. I was just nervous, and I hope you can forgive me". If she sees you do it in front her friends, she may realize you are sincere because that's an embarrassing thing to admit.

    • She is cute but i don't like her that much so i don't care about getting her back. But i care about social status because now she and her friend might think i am a creep. I guess i will just have to go talk to her again and apology. Thanks for your opinion :)

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    • "I am almost sure that if she didn't see me with the other girl she wouldn't have opened up to me again."

      You're probably right! Her seeing you talking to another girl worked great! Because women get curious and jealous like that when they see someone they turned down initially moving on to someone else. Now it got her attention again. So you're doing everything right. Just remember, you've apologized, and she's forgiven you, move on like it never happened. If you keep bringing it up, it's going to make her back off again because she's going to think you're insecure.

    • Haha !! Girls and their hearts' change !! We just have to deal with it lol XDDD

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  • Yeah that's all a bit creepy to be honest. Just not how people normally interact. She didn't help the situation either with all this staring you guys did. Just forget her.


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