Is this guy into me? Please help!

I met this guy a few months ago. We have a mutual friend and we ended up going to his car for a ride to this party. When we get to the party we kind of strayed away from each other and we had a little small talk and I asked him if this girl looked like my best friend and I was just drunk talking basically. I didn't see him after but I added him on fb. We don't talk but he likes my pictures and there was one on instagram where he called me cute. And he doesn't really do that from what I heard. Next party we went to I don't know if I heard him correctly but I could have sworn he said he really liked this girl and planned to ask her out because she was different. I was bummed but eh I was at a party so I socialized and I kinda felt him staring. This girl came out of nowhere and they were basically holding each other. He was holding her but it was more of a side hug thing. I ended up giving pecks to this girl and she screamed it out. So the rest of our friends came and asked me for one too. When the girl screamed it out though he turned around a full on 360 turn! And he looked right at me. I was talking to two of our friends and he came out of nowhere and sat down with us. He talked to one of our friends and I was just laughing because I was buzzed and because my girlfriend kept making me laugh. He left eventually. I gave him a hug goodbye and I kinda seemed nervous because I was. But we ended up staying a little longer. When we finally left for real my friend gave this girl a hug and the guy I like and I were in the middle of it. And he was basically just spinning his keys, we made I contact and I smiled but he just raised his eyebrows like he was saying what's up. I thought he wasn't into me but he still likes my pictures on fb and instagram which he doesn't do with our other friends so idk.


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  • He just treats u as a better frnd!


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