Kiss at the end of a date (read the situation ;))

First here is my status with the girl I like:

We're neither friends, nor are we actually dating. It's more like we know each other and get along pretty well. We text a lot (we live 200km apart from each other) and we're flirting, too.

We've met two weeks ago and it was all fun, just watching some movies, laughing together, making dinner, etc.. a fun weekend.

Now I am to meet her again following weekend. And I mentioned we should do something together, other than just watching some movies at home. (Technically this wasn't a data invitation since I didn't make the date intention clear, but I guess she knows what I'm thinking, right? =))

So when I'm gonna be at her place I will make my intentions clear and it's pretty unlikely that she'll refuse - if so, well my bad, gotta deal with the situation when it happens - for now let's just assume it goes on like I want.

Now the situation I'm wondering about:

I gonna stay overnight again since I gotta drive 200km to her place. But in my opinions there's no way I would stay overnight after a first date, if you know what I mean ;)

So what do you girls think? Would it be too fancy if I were to say something like "Hey Y, we had a really nice evening here and I hope we will repeat this some time? Have a nice night..."

*and then kiss her, don't know on the cheek I think*


And then get casual again and strictly say "We'll here's where the date would end - I'm a nice boy you know ;) (<- this is some sort of inside joke we got - I just be the nice boy, not being mean to her at all - doesn't really work, but I insist on being that one ...)

So what do you think?

too fancy? We're both actually fun people and if she would want the date to continue on THAT evening (which I somehow doubt) she could still go with something like "Well, for you it would end here, but I got the last word, do i? *smile*"

Anyway, I'm thankful for any answer :P

(And yes, sorry I know I'm thinking way too much about all of this, hehe)

Come on people, 20 views and no one has an opinion on that matter? ;)


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  • -I think she knows what you want ,

    but you'd better clear your intention as what you'd said.

    -hmm,If I don't like that guy, I would not dating with him again.

    But now, she has given you a second date,

    means you've got a chance!

    - communication is important,

    as wanacot said, body languages are key!

    It would show you some answer !

    But I am afraid that thing goes too fast.

    You'd better describe her character.

    *case1*She is a considerate girl.

    I think she knows you are tired and can stay overnight.

    But if I were her, I would suggest you some hotels

    As I think ,staying at a room with a guy, is a matter

    Well, maybe I am too conservative,

    but you can't deny this situation.

    *case2*she is your friend and knows you for a long time.

    Maybe I would let him to sleep at my house, but in the living room,

    whereas my room is locked.

    objectively,"drive 200km to her place"...

    I think she would let you to stay overnight.

    And your hint" other than just watching some movies at home"is significant.

    so I think there is no problem!

    RELAX guy!

    • Thanks A LOT for this answer ;)

      As with staying overnight: Last time I slept in the living room and I doubt it will be different this time. But this isn't a bad thing, in no way do I wanna rush things. I'm a 23yo virgin, I can wait some other weeks :P

      As for her character she's very lively, has a lot of friends and gernally gets along with others pretty well. And we've known each other for like .. half a year, though we kept talking intensly like ~6 weeks now

    • Well, I think guys concern so much about being a virigin:P

      actually, being a virgin is not a bad thing,

      by the way, as you slept in the living room before,

      Then I bet she knew what is meant by"other than just watching some movies at home"

      But please be gentleman(polite), ask before trying to do something.

    • Hehe, don't misinterpret my words ;)

      I don't mind being a virgin in any way at all. And I didn't even mean sex whilst saying "other than watching movies" (furthermore, this weren't exactly my words ^^)

      And yes, I wouldn't go any further without "permission" ;)

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  • If you're looking for something to happen find yourselves on the couch at some point, sitting facing each other. Stare in her eyes and let your arm that is resting on the back of the couch gently play with her hair. If she's maintaining eye contact and enjoys/has no problem with you playing with her hair then go in for the kiss. After that it's up to you and her as to how far to take things...

    • Yeh stuff like that for sure. What happens after the think I had in mind is totally into the blue, not even wasting any thought about that right now *g*

      Not quite the answer I was looking for, thanks even though ;)