Is he really done with me?

I've been dating this guy for 4months. He won't call me his girlfriend but we act like we are dating and are always together. He even told me i have a man when i told him his neighbor hit on me one day. Well after we spent the night together one day i lost my wallet. I kept calling him asking if he accidentally picked it up. He got mad and i immediately apologized if he thought it meant i thought he stole it. In the end i found it and called him and told him so. He said good for u. When i got home i did my normal thing where i let him know i was home. We responded by telling me not to call him anymore. After i flipped out he told me "u crossed the line. So no worries, i'm good" in reference to me accusing him of stealing my wallet. I asked him does that mean we are still done. He never responded. I proceeded to text him at least 10 times a day for 3 days with emotionally charged texts letting him know how sorry i am and how much i care for him. He never answered. I kept telling him if he just wants me to go away just tell me. He never responded. So i stopped texting and ended it by telling him how hard i fell for him and i hope he comes back to me. It's been a day since i sent that text and haven't heard anything.
Is he just hurt and angry or did he really just dump me that way?

He blew up the first time i called and i immediately apologized. The subsequent calls were me just freakibg out cuz i was driving to the last places we went and i was freaking out. Not to keep accusing him.


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  • You sound like you're 15 years old. When you lost your wallet you said you KEPT calling him and asking him? So you didn't believe him the first time? No wonder he got mad. Now, if you only called and asked him once and he flipped like that, that's immature of him. Either way, he told you not contact him anymore and what did you do? You blew his phone up, for THREE days. Then he doesn't answer and you ask him if he wants you to go away just say. HE ALREADY DID!

    Just move on.

    • We are both immature. ... there is no denying that... i mean he broke up with me through text! He has accused me of taking things before and i always blow it off. We stayed up all night drinking and i barely had any sleep. And if someone is asking me if its really over i would answer... unless its not and im just mad. I was just wondering from a guys pov.

    • My point of view is that you both need to just move on from each other. You're obviously too immature to be in a relationship with each other.

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