How to get that spark back when texting/talking?

I've been talking to this girl for about 2 months now, and everyday we've texted or hung out. And unfortunately, I feel like we've run out of things to talk about, since the texting is actually getting kinda boring.

Any ideas/advice on how to get that spark/interest back?


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  • Yeah, move PAST texting and start being with each other IN PERSON more often. Stop texting all the time, stop thinking you have to talk to each other all day, every day, for hours on end. Give each other some space and then get back together.


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  • Ask her to play a texting game or something, like 21 questions? But nott dirty since you've only known her for 2 months!! it's a phenomenal way to find out more about the girl. And when she asks you questions back, you can be ALITTLE flirty, but don't overdo it! Try this out.. Girls love it when you ask them questions about themselves. lmao.

    • Ohh and with the 21 questions, you can text back a day later, mention a question from the game you played over text and have a whole conversation about her answers and what not. Also the first questions should be common easy questions and the further questions should be more "deep" but not personal or sad or overly sexual

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