Her friend thinks I'm being unreasonable. I disagree. What do you think?

I asked a girl out ages ago, she said she didn't want a boyfriend, I understood and just ignored her. Now 1 and a bit years later she sent her friend to speak to me to find out if I was single. How do I know? I asked her friend and she confessed telling me the girl really likes me and always has done.

Fine. Whatever. That's cool, so I told her friend that if she wanted me she'd have to come and get me, her friend says that girls don't approach guys like this and I told her friend to tell her friend to find someone else.

She believes I am being unreasonable and blockheaded.

Am I really being unreasonable and when will women get it into their skulls that male pride doesn't allow for a guy to ask a woman out twice?


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  • well you have to be careful going through her 'friend' because her friend may either like you or hate you. either way she might not be giving you the whole story and might be trying to ruin your chances. if you really like this girl, stop playing games and just drop your pride and talk with her directly. Either she will want to date you or not. But getting the third girl out of the loop would be good for everyone. If you keep your pride and continue like this, how will you feel if she decides to hook up with your best friend and start dating him and they become serious and get married and have kids some day?


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  • I think it all depends on whether or not you are still interested in this girl. I think it's dumb of someone to think " O, yea he likes me , he'll wait around until I want to date him" not logical. I was asked out by a guy friend once and I said no. Sometimes I think about what that it would have been like to date him, but in the abck of my mind, I said no, and I have no right asking about his relationship status if I'm the one who rejected him. That's just my opinion.

  • Dont ask her out, just talk and hang out with her. She obviously liked you for a long time, and is a bit shy... you dont need to ask her out, just hang out.. who knows? maybe she will confess about her feelings. And as for the friend, you should tell the girl about her, because I dont want a friend who would expose all my secrets... if she just kept her mouth shut, then there would be no problems... the girl was actually thinking of approaching you


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