Should I feel awful? And should I go for it?

I broke up with my sort of boyfriend on Monday. And felt really depressed on Monday and Tuesday. I broke up with him because I'm not over my last crush. and felt like it wasn't.. I think he was a rebound but I did genuinely like him... However I was depressed during the whole relationship and I don't know why. I only went out with him 3 weeks and he's really, really sad that I broke up with him :( I just think that I did the right thing!! I can't force feelings even though I want to like him. It couldn't have even been a proper relationship because we're both 14 and he didn't talk to me much and barely saw each other!! He has given me the green light to go for my old crush (that likes me now) But I'd feel bad. Even though I do think that I might a tiny bit really really love my old crush. I know now that I shouldn't have gone out with my ex but I'm dumb and I need to think things through and I will for the future...

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  • Your "EX" was Definitely a "Rebound," sweetie, that you thought with all of your heart, mind and soul searching sadness that you could have and to behold in order To-------Get over my crush. However, you realized with this relationship that you were not happy. You realized that you were still hooked to the past, couldn't focus on another fellow because you didn't give yourself enough time to lick your war wounds. It happens all the time.
    Yes, in breaking this off, it was the most mature decision you could make for both you and him. And as hard as it was, it wasn't fair to him to stay in a relationship when you still had heart felt feelings for your Crush Who-----Likes me now.
    You were and still Are a free agent to do as you wanted, so don't start letting Guilt get in the way of what you could have Now with someone who has realized "Now" that you are his dream girl.
    No, not "dumb" at all, in fact for wise for your years. And if you have your own dream boat where you want him right now, then this is Not dead in the water... It sounds like there is nothing much to think about, is there? Be happy, be proud...
    Good luck. xx

    • Wow, thank you!! I agree with everything you just said^^ (Except for being wise for my years :P) So again thanks! xx

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    • Yeah. I thank you again for your help!!

    • So welcome again, have a great weekend... xxoo

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  • If circumstances didn't work out and YOU weren't satisfied in the relationship... then There's no need to go that route again.

    Don't let him guilt u into an un-fulfilling relationship.

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    • =) :)

    • Thank you @youngrasshoper :)

  • just forget him LOL

  • How long ago did you break up with your ex?

    • About two weeks.

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    • Oh.. lol. I don't mean to laugh. This situation is really common. You still shouldn't get with B. Only reason he was interested is because you were with someone else

    • Haha, I know, right? it is so weird!! And you're right. I shouldn't go for any of them and I won't.

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  • Im not going to vote on your poll because i feel neither choices will accommodate the answer I am willing to give to you. First things first, either someone is your boyfriend or he is not. There is no in-between. Second, Its a good thing you broke up with your "boyfriend" if you think he was a rebound. This was considerate of you. Third, if you and your current crush like each other or want to start dating, that has nothing to do with your ex. He doesn't have to give you the "green light" to do anything, because you are your own person and you can make any decisions you want. Your business with other boys has nothing to do with your ex and he shouldn't and doesn't need to be involved.

    • Wow you're so right, It shouldn't have anything to do with him.. But I just feel bad for him

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    • Yeah, again you're right. Thank you :)

    • You're welcome :)

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