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My boyfriend lives in another town and there's a younger girl that I feel like he may have a crush on. Today she posted a picture with him, and she broke up with her boyfriend other day. I'm so worried but he gets sad if I ever talk about him not liking me. Do you think they're truly just friends?


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  • Ask him, seriously.
    I know he might get hurt or sad if you're talking about he doesn't like you, but if you let this happen without make sure about his feelings, you're the one who ends up get hurt because of him.
    Maybe that'll you look jealous, but you have rights to ask him :)
    Sometimes love comes from being a friend first.

    But you have to consider that maybe he just think about her as his sister.
    There are so many possibility, that's why you should try to ask him.


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  • All signs point to no. Him saying he gets sad is a way to stop you from talking. It shuts down communication and will leave you unable to express your emotions, which will eventually make you feel crazy. Talk to him about it and if he deflects or tries to change the topic or refuses to be open and honest with you, he has something to hide and they are not just friends. If that's the case end it and start moving on.

  • why do you care so much? he'll hate you if you're jelaous! LOL


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  • He is still young, sweetie, still wet behind the ears and with This----Could very well end up this fickle pickle. And with some sort of helpful hint that I feel he has been giving you, there is a Raised Red Flag that something doesn't smell right in Denmark.
    He is living somewhere else now. And if this newbie who is Posting and boasting with your man, having just split with another, this is telling me that you and Yours need to sit down and have a serious Talk-----Not text but by phone.
    Yes, they are Definitely 'truly just friends,' but I also believe that behind Fb and even in their own quaint little town they are living in, there is More than meets the eye...
    You both have to get on the same page here so you know whether or not this is the Closure to this chapter in Question.
    Good luck. xx

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