How do I get a girlfriend (need to get over another girl)?

I want to know if I should try to get a girlfriend. The girl I actually liked couldn't care less if I live or die, so, I've finally decided, I need to use someone to get over her. Basically, I won't like another girl unless lose my virginity, so, I need to know how to accomplish that (no escorts, that's pathetic, I mean a legitimate girlfriend). So, is there anyway a depressed, suicidal, self-hating, hate filled, black guy to get a tool he plans on using and discarding to get over a girl who doesn't like him? And, I'm open to most kinds of girls, just no fat ones or really ugly ones, I can handle girls with no self-esteem, though.


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  • You sound like a douche and karma will get u back for using another human being for your own selfishness. Shame on you. Why don't you learn from this and take responsibility that maybe you just weren't the right one for her. Stop throwing a pity party, find your balls and be a man. Please don't use a woman, think about your mom/ sister/ etc... Would you want some man using them?


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  • Well first of all, good for you for deciding to move on and be proactive. Way too many guys on here just like to throw pity parties for themselves and stew in their own misery.

    Honestly, finding girls to hook up with is way easier than you would think. You've just got to have the balls to take the first step: approaching girls. Once you get rejected a few times, you realize rejection isn't bad at all and you'll be approaching girls all over the place. The more you do it, the higher your confidence gets because you'll stop giving a fuck if they say yes or no, which inevitably leads to success. And not being picky definitely helps. If you need inspiration, check out simple pickup on youtube. And feel free to ask me any questions about it. I've been through that whole process and now I have an awesome girlfriend :D

    *don't make a girl your girlfriend if you're just planning on using her btw. It's easy enough to find a girl who is willing to hook up without having to use some poor girl and break her heart.

    • Well, my heart is broken, and, I need to feel better some way. Besides, some other douche would probably pick her up and make her feel better anyway. Also, I still love the girl that hurt me, I honestly wouldn't see another girl as anything else other thank a fun time, maybe.

    • Well my guess is, you meet enough girls, and you'll realize she actually wasn't that great. There are so many different kinds of girls out there... no point in having the mindset that she's the best girl you'll ever meet. And even if you do, it's whatever... you don't have to love a girl to have a "fun time" with her lol

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