GUYS: Do you ever start the girlfriend/boyfriend talk or do you always ways for the girl to start it?

Basically the question. Does the girl always have to make the first move here. Why don't you guys do it?

Sorry, *wait* in the question not ways. By boyfriend/girlfriend talk I mean officially labeling your relationship as being girlfriend and boyfriend to each other. Like, in all of my relationships, I've always been the one who asks to call him my bf.


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  • In this day and age, I always let the girl make the first move. I myself am nervous to make the first move because A.) What if she isn't ready for it, B.) If she isn't ready, how will she react, and C.) How will a negative reaction affect the both of us. I would much rather a girl tells me when she's ready and make the first move, instead of being rejected, and this is where being open and not playing games is strongly suggested. I wouldn't want to have sex with a girl whose not into it, and then have her feel upset or sad that she did something she was really on the fence about, that falls into the very grey area between consensual and rape. It's neither the Woman's or the Man's responsibility to make the first move, out dated and cliche ways say that the man should take the lead, but it's 2014, Women have a voice, as do men, so if you want something ask permission. Men aren't entitled to Women, and vice versa.


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  • I used to start it myself for some time then I felt that I'm doing all the work so I neglected my ex for a little so she can feel I'm upset then she started to do it herself then we will be alternative on starting

    • sorry, i meant in terms of officially labeling the relationship. Like, you've been dating for a bit and you want to take things to the next step.

    • oooh!! sorry I got it wrong
      then as a shy guy yep I prefer the girl doing the first move it would be a relief but since it's hard to find this girl around here I always do the first talking

  • Your question confused me a lot... NORMALLY, a guy would make the first move. That is the most commonly known way of doing it. I wish a girl would make the first move fro once because I hate guessing. -.-'

    Hope I've helped.

    • interesting, cuz i've always been the one to try and label it. Been dating a guy for a month now and he hasn't asked me to be his girlfriend yet. And I've been the one to ask in all of my previous relationships, so i'm just wondering if it's like a hidden rule that the girl always asks.

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    • not necessarily. You can be seeing someone but not have it labeled yet. And that's basically what's happening. There has been no talk specifically say "yes you can tell people i'm your boyfriend. Or yes lets exclusively be a couple". Dating and being bf/gf are two different things once you get towards the later end of college or out of college. In highschool the minute you say yes to a date and the date doesn't go horribly ur bf/gf because that's how that works that the younger age.

    • To be seeing someone and not label it that way would normally be like casual sex or something like that. If you two are DATING and in a RELATIONSHIP, you are already labeled that way. Doesn't matter what you say otherwise, that's the label you're given when in a relationship.

  • I've never had that talk about commitment and exclusivity.
    I assume that if I'm spending time with a woman, and banging her, that she's not about to be spending time with other men. She would know that I'll instantly dump her if she did.

    • I mean, i guess it's not really a talk. haha. In the past i've just been like "can I call you my bf? yeah? okay sweet." haha. I just wondering why guys haven't been like "can i call u my girlfriend?".. I feel like just banging a chick religiously isn't exactly all that clear in this day and age. Could be taken as an fbuddy or fwb.

  • No, girls do not always have to make the first move


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