Need help my love life is messed up?

My love life is messed up i first likes a girl who i met when i was 13 met her when i was 18 fell in love with her she told me she loves me back but i was a second choice only she came one day and her neck was full of her bf bites marks , i got pissed my hands were shaking i was going through tough times and my father just dies and i got shocked that my own friend would cheat on me like that. I moved on i met a lot of girls online nothing happened one of them was talking to other dude after midnight , second one was cheating with her friend who she never told me that was a boy she said she is with a friend only , and third woman lied even about her name and said that all the boys hit on her she was so fukinh insecure , fourth one she left me suddenly , fifth one she was a player but i loved her caring nature , sixth one we became friends , anyway i became close with girl number sixth only friends.
At work i flirt with many women one rejected me but her friends kept looking.
Second woman she approached took my number then she told me she is seeing other two men.
So i got pissed and talked to my ex online girl number five my friend number sixth got pissed but started to say sexy things , now im talking to girl number five and six and another girl online and the bitch from the work and another girl from work and i can't love them i feel so messed up but i dont want to feel alone.
I want to approach woman who flirt with me at work but im afraid from my past.
What should i do im so messed up in love whats wrong with me?


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  • There's nothing wrong with you, so don't think like that. Women can be assholes, I know but stop chasing love! Let love find you.


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