How to get a girl to love me?

I see so many girls here, crushing on these guys, or saying how pathetically great he is, or guys talking about their stupid girlfriends, and, I want to know how do I get a girl to worship me like that? I'm so sick of seeing couples with, their undeserved happiness magnifying my despair, so, I wanted to know how to become like that, achieve that mutually parasitic bond known as a relationship? Just like these other brain dead, guys, that do absolutely nothing for undeserved praise, how do I achieve that? Am I truly so disgusting and despicable that I'm not worthy of any praise or acknowledgement, am I just meant to die? So, how can I make some idiot girl fall in love with me, haha, honestly, the fact that I can't get a girlfriend, and can barely make friends, is likely why I'll die before I'm 20 (I'm 17) so, I need to know the secret.


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  • Such embitterment is what will make your personality the most ugly of them all. Be more accepting and find grace in your own pride. Without faltering others.

    • Pride, embitterment?

    • You practically assaulted men for being presumably lesser than you and women for being stupid enough to fall for said men.

      Stop comparing your life to others and you may find a better value to yours. You can use some for inspiration but the moment you envy them with even a hint of hate, you're only digging yourself a grave. You need respect and tact for everyone you may not know. And a few bad apples doesn't rot the entire batch.