I don't know how to date. I have never done it. How should I ask a girl on a date?

What do people do on a date, I mean a girl comes dressed all nicely, and my style is more casual. So, do I take her to the movies or dinner? How long should a date last, and is it just a hang out?

Do you discuss what the date plan is, or do you just meet for say movie and then do anything after that?


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  • An age range in the question could help draw better advices.

    Yet, some rules I apply to any girl I take a date with is to make sure of the time, location both you two are meeting, weather, and events. You don't want to put a lot of effort into something these factors are way out of your control and you should adept to these factors.

    Your done the date, time, and location has been set up and the date needs one thing and that is to be memorable. You want to be leading and have her as the passenger to an amazing day with you.

    It's important to show up on time, lots of people shoot themselves in the foot because of this. You're late and that means your rushing!!! Get there a little early and as soon as you see her give her a hug and a kiss on both cheeks like how European Greet Each other. You're in charge so lead; if you can't then go home.

    I recommend you ask her for a morning time date like say 10 am, when was the last time you had brunch?

    • I eat at 10ish, or so and then again at 2 lunch

    • Invite her for brunch something that very uncommon and some sightseeing with lots of places to stop and sit, you want to have good conversation skills during dates