What the heck is this girl thinking?

So there's this girl that both me and another senior (lets call him guy A) is chasing after in school. I felt quite frustrated after seeing they got closer, and just decided to play it cool for awhile, then on the first day she just came and texted me asking me am i eating dinner with anyone? I answered yes i'm eating with my childhood friend, asking her whether she wants to join us. Then she replied "I'm eating with guy A haha", "or should we all go together hah~". Then throughout dinner nothing really happened, except that she didn't eat anything or drink anything. Apparently she had her meal at 6PM, and this guy A ask her to eat dinner together at 7PM, she just went ahead and agree and then went ahead and texted me which has the purpose of wanting me to be there i suppose. Greatest mind fk i have ever received.

Also she can't seem to say no to this guy, whenever this guy ask her to study together, she despite having nothing much to "study" due to the nature of her course, still agrees to it and brings her laptop down to do fk all.


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  • Sounds like she's an attention whore. She can't resist it when he shows attention, and she wants to play "lets' you and him fight over me"