Girls with cellulite?

Might seem like a silly question, but guys how do you feel about girls with cellulite? Is it a turn off? Does it not matter? What's your opinion?
Im 5'3 and weigh about 120 lbs. I've always had a very flat stomach, about a small b cup, and a big butt. I'm just insecure with my thighs and butt I guess, I've got a little bit of cellulite around the area. My past boyfriends never cared but I'm still curious..

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  • Cellulite in itself doesn't really matter, it's better without but it's not an issue. However, cellulite also often comes with very flabby parts. Still not a huge issue, some guys don't mind that, and you can easily work on that in a month with a bit of support. On a similar topic, for the "scars" you get with weight gain/loss, that really really doesn't matter. Your butt and thighs can still look nice even with cellulite.


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  • I oddly find it attractive but only if it is with an older woman. I can't explain it, maybe just me being a freak.

    normally though it is a turn off, especially if you're young.

  • No metter having cellulute

  • You have a good body, cellulite isn't a put off so don't worry, all women get it anyway. :)


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