Very hard for me to answer!!!

Just wonder how to find a white lady that may be interested in a black man. Its seems hard for me to get such mutual attractions. How do we go about this? the few i have talked to unfortunately are all married; i just can't figure out things may be... how do you guys do it?


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  • for me race has nothing to do with it. its all about personality or how a guy acts and his character. If he comes off as a gentleman in my eyes then for me it is something enticing. But its not an instant on off thing. It kind of builds up by what it is you do over a period of time. I don't like to plan things out but like it when he just says lets do this now or tonight and its a new thing in town or whatever. one of the first things i see when i look at a guy are his eyes. if his eyes are nice then i might chat.


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  • Okay this isn't a race thing you're over thinking it ! How would you be able to tell if any woman was attracted to you? & apply by the way almost every white girl I ever grew up with was crazy for black guys lol even some of my Mexican friends exclusively love black guys... consider the world your oyster lol

    • Wow... you are making me feel superior... thanks... though i need some tricks and tactics on top of what i have...

  • for me, most men I've dated were black, I've just recently dated a white man, I myself and im whoite but never felt that attraction, It was always the darker and taller as my preference, but I've come to realize it wasn't my preference-it was the way they acted they were very intelligent and mature etc just be yourself girls like that,


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