Can I improve my situation in some way that can make it more bearable?

A guy doesn't define you, right? You dont need to be in relationship with someone to be classified as successful in life, right? I do believe in that, but i feel like utter shit when i see people in relationships or/and are dating. so myabe i dont afterall? Its like why haven't i been in anything that can be defined as a relationship with a guys? If i wasn't constantly reminded that no guys wants me ( guy chasing my friends, my friends being in relationship, my mother asking me why i dont haver a boyfriend) i dont think it would bother med that much. I get approach by guys and i do quite a lot attention, BUT i only get approach when im out clubbing or at a party. The only time i have been approach by guys when every part was sober was when i was in England. I have to low self esteem to approach a guy sober, and guys apparently don't want to approach me when im sober. I dont know what to believe or think or do... Can i improve my situation in some way that can make it more bearable?

And yeah i know people have it way worse, but not ever having a guy in my life has really put a strain on my self confidence. It's like; if my body is so "Perfect" and im so pretty or/and cute, according to others, why haven't i have a guy in my life?


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  • Either you're ridiculously hot and guys are scared to approach you without liquid confidence, and being a little drunk, or you give off a weird vibe maybe.
    My best friend, apparently, looks rude and unapproachable, according to what some guys have told me, but when we party, she relaxes and seems more fun and has more guys approaching her.
    Because seriously, even ugly girls get approached. Like I'm not really hot but I get approached often by guys in the street, work, in the bus, wherever, and in general people say I have a friendly face and I look like somebody they can talk to, so I think that has more to do with it.

    Anyway, most people don't have any meaningful relationships till mid to late twenties or even older. Like when you're 11 or something and you have a "boyfriend" then when you're 18 you look back and laugh at what you thought your relationship meant back then, it's the same when you get older to. Lots of people who are 30 look back at their relationship at 21 and laugh at how they thought it was real.

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