Why does he act interested, but ingnore my text?

His 30 and I'm 27f. I really like this guy and I want to get to know him more and have our good communication together we been dating less. His been quite speechless with me in our date, he even didn't look at me when I sat on the chair beside him in our 2nd date when we in theater hall early waiting for the movie to start. When the movie start the hall is dark then he kiss me, hug and touch me. :( I don't know his serious with me or not? Cause he told me before he like me, and we can be good friends. And he told before he can't say anything for now to take the next step of being his girlfriend :( I really Hv feelings for him. I felt I want to tell him and talk to him seriously infront of him , but I had no idea what is the right words to tell him?

Should I tell him? Are you seeing someone else besides me? If he say yes. I will just walk off or slap him or maybe cry infront of him.. if he interested with me and tell me his lonely why he didn't call me and text me 😢


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