What the hell is the difference between dating and a relationship?

I was watching "The Other Woman" last night with the guy I am dating... made a few posts about him already on here. He is still on Tinder and has flirted with other girls and talked about meeting them. (He doesn't know I know) So last night he made a comment about one of the characters who mentioned she "cleared the roster" and said she was a whore. So I asked him, "You've never dated more than woman person at once?" He said, "No. One woman is enough to handle and I prefer to be alone anyways..."

(-_________-) Come one man? lol

What is the difference between me and him and dating? He obviously is interested in seeing other people if he has attempted setting up a date with the fake Tinder profile I made.

Me and him are obviously not about to last. But my question stands...
What is the difference between dating and a relationship?


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  • A lot of people have different definitions and personal rules about these terms. That's why it's good to clarify with him.

    To me, being in a relationship means many things. It could mean dating, or being as a couple, or being a married couple. I mean, that's totally what some forms put under "Relationship" as multiple choice in real life anyway. So yea, dating = part being in a relationship.

    I think dating doesn't mean exclusivity, but for myself I want dating to be exclusive. Certainly I wouldn't mind if either of us go on other dates with other girls, but it should never cause romantic feelings to develop. If it does develop, it must stop. Only date one person that you have romantic feelings for.


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  • For me dating is more casual. Meaning you going out having fun seeing if you are compatible, but still can venture out and date others as your not in a relationship just trying to build one. A relationship is when your past all that and both of you just basically just see other just without an official label or being "exclusive".

  • hahaa that movie is so funny! I have it on bluray, I haven't watched the entire movie yet from start to finish, I chimed in every now and then but I love I when she is dancing with Kate Upton on the porch hahaa. but the difference between dating and a relationship can be put this way, dating - you're trying on different clothes to see which one you like, relationship - you purchase and take home the clothing item that you like the most out of all the different brands you've tried on.


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  • Dating is casual and I feel like you can date multiple if you aren't fucking them all. When you find the person you would like to sleep with, go with them and start working on building a relationship. To me dating ins exclusive.