Need hints as to whether he like me or not, because I'm getting so many mixed signals!?

He gives me all these hints that maybe he likes me, but then again, maybe he doesn't. Alright so we met sometime at the beginning of the year in one of our classes (in college). We were in the same group for the whole semester, but i didn't see him as anything back then. We talked here and there but nothing too big. This semester he is in one of my classes, and i began to notice how attracted I am to him! HE ALWAYS SITS NEXT TO ME IN CLASS. Whenever we have a test for the class, he always texts me and asks to study together, and instead of studying we usually just talk about the most random things. Last week, i saw him walking in the rain and offered to drive him back to his place on campus, on the way back he asked if i smoked because he wanted to smoke with me, but i don't so we didnt. this past weekend, i texted him to see what he was up to , but this at like 130AM, and i didn't think id get a response, but I did! He told me where he was, I responded back by asking him to hang. he didn't answer until the next night at like 1130PM saying that he got sick and was sorry he didn't answer. I KNOW IM OVERTHINKING EVERYHING, but what do you guys think who actually took the time to read all this nonsense?


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  • 1) He is probably attracted to you. That doesn't mean he is attracted enough to take action for you though. Some modern guys like to get attention from girls they are attracted to, but either don't like them enough to make a move, or lack the general decisiveness to make their own decisions and set their own aspirations.

    2) Whatever his reason for not replying to your text, it isn't because he was sick. Guys still have their phones when they are sick. The fact he apologized for not responding means he probably had a combination of factors that went into his late response, but whatever it is he wants you to look over it and not take it as a sign he dislikes you.

    Conclusions: I would not directly ask him out again. You've already stuck your neck out plenty far and the ball is in his court now. If you really think he hasn't asked you out for a reason other than the ones I suggested, try encouraging him with positive signals for a little while before moving on. For your own sake though, do be prepared for the possibility he keeps accepting your attention from you without making a real move. Some guys are just bums like that.

    • so what do you suggest i do?

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    • well as i stated before, we have a class together and he always sits next to me, and we talk and what not. if i see him outside of class, we always say hi to each other. anything else i should keep in mind?

    • Well, keep in mind that in the event he doesn't ask you out, there could be factors in his life keeping him from pursuing you. That is sometimes (but not always) the case for men who take 24 hours to reply to invitations. You probably won't be able to figure out his intentions until you've gotten to observe how he treats you over the next week or so.

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  • He's probably attracted to you but doesn't want to be in a relationship.


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  • Was he asking you to smoke weed? That will affect my answer. But otherwise, can you ask him how he feels? Try asking him out for a meal and see how he responds.

    • yes weed aha! I'm not sure exactly how to approach that, and ask him how he feels :/

    • OK, with it being weed, that makes me think he is lazy. He's up late a night, and always wants to study with you, but y'all never get any real studying done. I think maybe he's trying to sweet talk you into letting him cheat off you.

    • Oh yeah, if he's a pothead then he is more than likely a bum I'm afraid. A guy who doesn't plan into the future enough to avoid drugs probably can't plan into the future enough to build a lasting relationship either. =/

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