DATING HELP: Guys: should I contact her (how would you approach this)?

There is this girl that agreed to go out with me, yet she explained her busy schedule to me. I got her number, and I texted her the day after to see if she was still interested. It went like this:

Me: Hey
Her: who's this?
Me: Hayden. This is Katie right?
Her: lol Katie yeah
Me: Just checkin. I wanted to ask if you were still up for getting together.
Her: Yeah but I am not sure when yet
Me: that's fine just let me know when you are free sometime
Her: ok even if its last minute
Me: ok great sounds good

This conversation occurred 4 days ago. Have not heard from her since. I have not communicated with her either.

How would you approach something like this? What should I do next? Did I handle it right?


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  • You handled it right, as right as handling something like via text can be. You need to CALL her. The problem is, this line here:

    "Her: Yeah but I am not sure when yet"

    That can sometimes be girl talk for "I really don't want to hang out EVER I'm just too polite to tell you upfront".

    • But why would she agree to it in the first place? She has always flirted with me.

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    • Thank you, I will see how it goes. In the meantime, I will vote you MHO because you took the time and effort to answer.

    • I'm flattered thanks! And good luck! :)

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