Women would you date a man who asked you out when he had a girlfriend?

Let's say he asked you for a cup of coffee as friends 3 years ago but he was together with someone. You knew it was more than just friends cause he had been unusually flirty. You rejected his offer and in a very mean and insulting way.
Suddenly he is single and getting back into contact. Would you go out with him?

Guys, what's your take on this. Is this guy too untrustworthy or should I give it a try and see if it works out?

Thank you for your answers. I know the answer as well but sometimes you need a reality check and people who tell you what your gut feeling already knows. I can't trust this guy therefore a serious relationship with him is an absolute no.


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  • Nope. Likely not. Too many bad experiences with men that cheat that I would ever date someone that was potentially trying to cheat with me.


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  • well you have the power to always walk away if you find out something you don't like so there isn't TOO much harm in agreeing on coffee:D

  • I'm going to say no for 2 reasons, 1 I am straight and male, 2 he is cheating on his girlfriend which means it is likely that (even if he breaks up with her for you) he will cheat on you down the line.

    • So once a guy acts as a potential cheater there is no way in hell he'd get better even if he was in a dead end relationship with a kid?

    • I didn't say that, however the odds are against him being honest, most people who cheat will do it again. this being said every rule has its exceptions, including this one.

  • once a cheater always a cheater.


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  • u may see it as a dead end relationship with a kid but regardless of what he says to you (you are free, easy gullable pussy)

    and who likes a homewrecking whore - if u were my friend i wouldn't b trusting u around my man like ever!!!

    • I did not date him at all or do anything with him while he was together with someone. Have some respect please.

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    • So even if he is single and available he is undateable cause of his past? So once a man or a woman divorce and separate they are not allowed to date and anyone who happens to date them afterwards is still a homewrecker and a "gullible pussy"? Im sorry you are so filled with rage and anger that you quickly attack and insult people online.

    • hun please dont b offended, i would say it to your face as i would a friend trying to b truthful, maybe i was a little to blunt in my honesty, hence the previous apology, my answer is an opinion as asked for, not fact and its up to u whether u choose to take it. for all i know he could b the love of your life and u could be together for the rest of u lives & i would wish u every happiness bt as we are speculating i think u got your trying to win the race with a 3 legged donkey & thats without even including rebound issues or the baggage of you said child bonding, visiting, child maintence etc etc and putting up with a bitter ex that is guna hate u even though u have done nothing wrong gud luck i guess im saying have a good think before you get involved & he latches on to u to rub her nose in it

      p. s i hope im wrong!!!